Interactivity is the alchemy of ideas. 

Noble Sky is an interactive production company specializing in novel and interactive entertainment ideas that incite change and promotes innovation.

We create player-driven “action platforms” utilizing a wide-range of interactive faculties like transforming real-world spaces, technology integration, AND by appealing to the power of immersive, multi-sensory experiences (including the cognitive engagement that interactivity entails). World-building that inspire action is our business.


The bare minimum of what we offer

  • Idea generation
  • Interactive installments
  • Web media platforms
  • Communications & promotional marketing
  • Event production
  • Project management
  • Business development
  • Risk assessment
  • Database management


The Founders:  Jennyfer Sánchez & Antonio Carito

Backed by over a decade of hands-on experiences in multiple entertainment styles, founders Jennyfer Sánchez and Antonio Carito understand the high value of collaboration. Meeting early in university the two quickly became good friends and recognized how, in work, they balance one another.



JENNYFER SÁNCHEZ  < Managing Partner > 

Jennyfer is the key business developer. Her innately curious nature leads her to many hands-on experiences and insightful attitudes into emerging trends – fueling the progress of the company. Her education in Sociology and Philosophy provides support to her intuition of societal trends.

She has been an integral part of multiple national campaigns in North America and finds inspiration from almost anywhere – ideas for the next ‘big thing’ can come to her at any moment. Having worked with multiple teams one of her key strengths is knowing what makes a quality team.



ANTONIO CARITO  < Managing Partner > 

Antonio is the key technology user experience specialist. His ability to competitively strategize merging ideas into practical applications is essential to overcoming the short-sightedness often seen in user-based products. His experience with mobile devices and development, plus years of working with clients on varying projects aids to the larger scope of tasks.

Going on ten years, Antonio has worked as a professional Webmaster and interactive developer/producer. In recent years, he has been focused on user experience, scalability, and application development in LAMP environments, with growing knowledge in iOS and Flash AS3. Holding an interactive Multimedia degree he works with web technologies, devices, RFID/NFC communications, and WiFi.