Canadian. No Doot.

Asking a simple question: What 5 things does being a ``Canadian`` mean to you?

In this age of collaborative storytelling Canadian. No Doot. is a transmedia initiative aimed at examining the Canadian identity by asking a simple question.

Comprised from interactive streams like word clouds, pictographs, time series graphs, and a number of other illustrations all of which will dynamically change over time, demonstrating the real world views of participants answering the same question,

As more answers are received, a larger more complex story of identity will begin to reveal itself.

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We’re asking everyone, regardless of geography, just tell if you are:
1. Self-identifying Canadians (within your identity in whole, do you include being “Canadian”)

2. Non-identifying Canadians (those who don’t include “Canadian” as a part of their whole identity)

A Noble Sky project.